Traffic Routines

This morning was our first run through for our new parking lot design and we extend our thanks and appreciation to all of those parents and families who took the time to read our newsletter last week which contained all of the details about our new traffic procedures. It is obvious that you share our care for everyone’s safety. After our first run-through this morning, we noticed that there are still a few drivers who are not yet up to speed so it is in this light that we offer up the following reminders:
  • The traffic lane closest to the curb is the new “Kiss & Ride” lane. If you are dropping off your children, please use this lane. Drive (slowly) as far as you can all the way to end of the sidewalk, closest to the elementary end of the school. After your children get out, stay in the “Kiss & Ride” lane all the way through and exit the lot as normal. Please DO NOT leave the “Kiss & Ride” lane.
  •  Parking for parents and family members is located in the row of parking stalls closest to the main road – the two rows of parking in the centre of the lot are for school staff. Our teaching and support staff need access to parking spaces so that we can be at work on time.
  •  Parents and/or family members who require access to one of our four blue-zone parking spaces should use the “Drive Through Lane” (the one adjacent to the “Kiss and Ride” lane) and cross over the white crosshatched section into the two spaces on our lot; alternatively, you can drive in the “Kiss and Ride” lane and use the two spaces closest to the school.
  • If parents/family members visit the school throughout the day, they must still use the parent parking section closest to Beachy Cove Road. Parking on our crosswalk or in the “Kiss and Ride” lane is strictly prohibited.
  • When you use our parent parking section and proceed to escort your children into the school, please ensure that you use the crosshatched area that crosses right through the centre of the lot, both vertically and horizontally. It is there for everyone’s safety and we encourage everyone to use it.
  • Traffic behind our school is limited to our school busses – there are no exceptions.
  • Please drive slowly on our parking lot – we would rather that you were late for work than to knock one of us down.

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