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Dear Parents/Guardians:


Please note the following information which is vital to the protection of life and safety of the students and staff at our school:

Parking Lot Access
The entrance and exit to the school parking lot has switched around from what it was in previous years. If you access our parking lot through the entrance, be sure and follow the arrows which lead you to the exit.


We have a very limited number of parking spaces available in our front parking lot. Parking for the sixty staff members working in our school must be a priority. To that end, we strongly encourage parents and family members to use the drop-off lane instead of taking up these limited parking spaces.


If you find that there are no parking spaces available – then there are none available. Parking on other areas of our lot or around the back of the school or in our drop-off lane is NOT an option. Parking in areas other than the designated spaces restricts the traffic flow through our parking lot and impedes the busses from doing their normal routes.


Drop-Off Lane
We have maintained our drop-off lane which is directly next to the sidewalk at the front of the school. We strongly encourage our families who drop off students to use the drop-off lane instead of parking and escorting children into the school.


Bus Drop-off and Pick-Up
With the reconfiguration of our front parking lot, our school busses are now routed to the rear of the school for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Because of this, no vehicles other than school busses are permitted to park or drive around the rear of the school. Again, there can be no exceptions to this rule as we need to protect a safe route for our ten school busses.


Afternoon Pick-Up
All of the measures outlined above apply equally to afternoon pick-up. If you plan on picking up your child from school, we kindly ask that you park in one of the designated parking spots if there are any available. If you find there are none available, please leave the parking lot and find another safe parking spot off of our parking lot. We do not encourage parents to park on the sides of the road as this creates another set of safety issues and concerns.


To summarize, we now have nearly 700 students and 60 adults working and learning in our school every day. As you can appreciate, this causes tremendous challenges for safe traffic flow and parking. If we are to maintain a degree of safety and security for our students and staff, we need YOUR cooperation in adhering to the expectations outlined above. With our ever-growing population and our limited space, we will continue to be challenged.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 895-2241 or drop me a line via e-mail (





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