BURP:  No Excuses Needed

Boys Undercover Reading Program
L’école élémentaire Beachy Cove Elementary is celebrating the success of ‘BURP’, the Boys Undercover Reading Program, created and developed by Teacher-Librarian, Heather Godden. She saw the need to help boys see themselves as readers because of the growing gap between boys and girls in academic achievement. Since 2007, Ms. Godden has provided a boys-only reading program for every boy in Grade 3-6, in the library. It fosters a love of reading in the boys by doing it their way, providing the types of materials they enjoy reading, as well as space and movement. Before starting the program, Mrs. Godden interviews the boys about which subjects and types of reading material they are interested in. Together they develop a comprehensive wish list. During BURP, classroom teachers provide literacy activities that cater to the needs of the group of girls. All students eagerly anticipate their special time. The program has been a tremendous success at Beachy Cove Elementary and has now spread to other schools in the district.

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