Skating Information

Let’s go skating!

In partnership with the Town of Portugal Cove–St. Philip’s, we are pleased to offer our students an opportunity to skate at the Jack Byrne Arena in Torbay. To ensure this a successful venture for our students, please adhere to the following expectations:

  • Only those students with skates and a helmet may participate – those who do not have skates and a helmet will remain here at the school under teacher supervision;
  • We are not resourced to provide skates and helmets to those students who might not have them;
  • No student will be permitted on the ice without skates or a proper skating helmet – bicycle helmets are unacceptable forms of protection for skating and will not be permitted;
  • Hockey sticks will not be permitted;
  • Parents or other family members are strongly encouraged to attend and assist with lacing and unlacing skates – this takes an extraordinary amount of time and we want to maximize our time on the ice;
  • Parent/guardian participation is required for Kindergarten students;
  • Parents who participate must travel to the arena in their own vehicles – our students will travel to the arena by bus;
  • There is NO CHARGE for this event – it is being paid for entirely by the Town of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s, and;
  • To assist us with our supervision planning; please complete the survey below and return it to school by Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

In the event of a school closure due to weather, the session scheduled for that particular day will be cancelled totally and will not be made up. We will follow the schedule as outlined when we reopen – let’s hope we don’t get a storm.


Date Classes Depart School Depart Rink
Tuesday, February 20 4 van Nostrand, 1 House, K Toope, 3 Hatcher/Godden, K LeShane 9:00am 10:40am
Tuesday, February 20 K Marrie, K Morris, 1 Adey, K McGrath, K Tobin, 3 Barrington 10:00am 11:40am
Wednesday, February 21 4 Porter, 1 Kiss, 4 Blackmore, 1 Mills, 4 O’Keefe 9:00am 10:40am
Wednesday, February 21 4 Courage, 3 Wilson, 1 Szeto, 2 Cobb, 2 Hillier, 2 Rice 10:00am 11:40am
Friday, February 23 2 Lindsay, 2 Curtis, 3 Kennedy, 3 Jewer, 2 Fillier 9:00am 10:40am



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