School Notes

Good morning,

 Just a couple of notes for your consideration this morning.

(1) Quilting Project

Our school based reading specialist, Lisa Cobb, is undertaking a quilting project with some of our learners and she is looking for some items to be donated. The project has some mental health, social-emotional learning, and empathy components – all essential life skills.  To assist her in bringing this project to fruition, she is looking for:

– fabric (large and small pieces);

– large pieces of fabric for quilt backing;

– batting;

– quilting scissors;

– straight pins;

– sewing needles for hand-stitching;

– rotary blade cutter and blades;

– cutting mat;

– cutting rulers;

– measuring tape;

– iron and ironing board/mat;

– plastic bins for storage;

– fabric pencils or markers; and,

– a sewing machine(s).

If you are in a position to donate any of these items, please send an e-mail to Lisa Cobb. Alternatively, you may wish to make a financial contribution or donate a gift certificate from a local fabric store.

(2) Lifetouch Photos

Proofs from school photos captured in the fall are being distributed today.  Please check your proofs and information sent along with them for specific directions for ordering.  Please note that all ordering must be done online – we cannot accept your orders here at the school.  Please call us if you have questions or need assistance.

(3) Masks

Thank you to all of our families who ensure that their children wear masks while riding the bus.  We have been noticing lately that some of our learners are disembarking from the bus in the mornings without a mask.  For everyone’s safety, please accept this gentle reminder about our Covid-19 protocols, one of which is that all learners who ride the school bus must wear a mask to and from school.

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