News & Notes, Volume 14, No. 2

News & Notes

Volume 14, No. 2
Please do us a favour by asking your friends and neighbours if they are receiving our school newsletters and memos in their e-mail inboxes.  If they are not, please ask them to check their “junk” folders and if our e-mails aren’t landing there, they should send us a note and we will ensure that they are added to the distribution list.

School Council
We have openings for two parent representatives on our school council. Nominations will be received up to 3:00pm on Friday, September 21, 2018 and an election, if necessary, will be held by secret ballot on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

To nominate yourself or someone else, please send me an e-mail that indicates the name of the parent (and his/her children at BCE) and a short biographical statement which will be distributed to our school community.  You are free to nominate yourself; however, if you are nominating another parent, please have them send me a note indicating their willingness to accept the nomination.

Letters for Canada Revenue Agency
We have many instances where CRA will do random audits of our families in receipt of the Child Tax Benefit in which families are expected to get a letter from their children’s school which outlines addresses on file and start dates at the school.  

Please be advised that in we can only provide information that we can confirm as it exists in PowerSchool on the day of the request.  We are unable to confirm historical data due to the limitations of our current version of PowerSchool.

If you find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to explore the other options that the CRA makes available to you.

Allergies at Beachy Cove
Please note the following information about allergies at our school:

Peanuts/Tree Nuts – BANNED completely.  This also includes “Wow Butter” and other brands of products that emulate peanut butter.

Please be aware that we have learners who are allergic to other products.  These products have not been banned; however, we encourage caution in sending in these products:

Egg – We have a learner in Ms. Dicker’s class with a severe allergy to eggs.  They (and the products that contain them) are not banned but we encourage families to avoid sending in lunches and snacks with whole eggs (i.e., boiled eggs or egg salad sandwiches).  

Sesame Seeds – We have a learner in Mme Barela’s class with a severe allergy to sesame seeds.  Again, they (and the products that contain them) are not banned but we encourage families to avoid sending in lunches and snacks with whole sesame seeds (i.e., certain types of granola bars, etc.).

Oats – We have a learner in Mme Kennedy’s class with a. severe allergy to oats and eggs.  Similarly, we encourage caution in sending in snacks and lunches  that contain whole oats and eggs (i.e., certain granola bars, oatmeal cookies and whole boiled eggs/egg salad).

Kiwi – We have a learner in Mme Paula’s class with a severe allergy to Kiwi fruit.  We therefore advise caution in providing lunches and snacks that contain whole/sliced Kiwi fruit.

Please be careful and bear this information in mind as we set out on this school year with the goal of ensuring a safe school experience for everyone.

School Closure
Please note that our school will be closed on Friday, September 21, 2018 for teacher professional development.  We will be revising our school’s strategic plan with an eye to the next 3-5 years.  Please note this date in your family calendars.

Facebook Groups
Experience has also taught us that issues arise despite the best plans and intentions.  When this happens, we sincerely invite you to contact your child’s teacher first (if it’s a classroom based issue) to discuss your concerns and then, if necessary, you are free to contact us at the office.

We, like you, don’t want our personal and professional reputations smeared all over Facebook where we are unable to respond.  So, as a courtesy to us and as a symbol of respect for the work we do, we kindly ask that you refrain from posting your concerns to social media and contact us first so that we can work with you to address them.  We’re here and we’re accessible – just reach out to us.

We have also learned that some people are capturing our Twitter images and reposting them to Facebook. Please don’t do this.  We have sought and received permission from our families to publish these images but this permission doesn’t extend to the general public.  

Courtesy Seats & Stops
We are aiming to have our applications for courtesy stops processed by this coming Friday, September 14, 2018 with implementation on Monday, September 17, 2018.

Applications for courtesy seats will be processed by Friday, September 21, 2018 with implementation on Monday, September 24, 2018.  

If you have questions about this process, please call or e-mail Carolyn Lethbridge, our Assistant Principal.

Curriculum Night
Our annual curriculum night is set for tonight at 7:00pm.  Please proceed directly to your child’s homeroom where teachers will review curriculum and other expectations.  If you have more than one child, we encourage you to participate in the session for your oldest child as you would have most likely already participated in a similar session for the lower grade level.

Afternoon Pick-Ups
We are noticing that our foyer and corridors are becoming quite congested by mid-afternoon by parents and families who come to pick up children at the end of the day.

Please understand that we are in full teaching/learning mode until 2:40pm and unnecessary congestion and disruption impacts our ability to take full advantage of our instructional day.

Consequently, our exterior doors will be unlocked at 2:30pm from now on.  It is at this time that you are welcome to come into the school to arrange for picking up your children.  And, when you are in our foyer/corridors, we kindly ask that you respect the teaching and learning going on around you by being quiet.  This is a place of work and learning and we must collectively respect that by keeping noise levels down.

You should also note that parents/families are not permitted in the corridor near the modulars/portable classrooms.

Telephone Messages
We will happily deliver telephone messages to your children as long as they are called in by 1:00pm each day.  We cannot guarantee the delivery of messages received after 1:00pm given the size and complexity of our school and its programs.

50/50 Fundraising
We will hold three 50/50 fundraising projects this year with a potential prize pay-out of $5500 for each draw.  Proceeds from the first round will go directly to our Breakfast Club which will enable them to sustain the program for three days per week for the balance of the year.  Proceeds from the second and third draws will support school programming in literacy and technology.

Each of our learners will be provided with one book of ten tickets to sell.  As always, we respect those who for reasons of conscience, do not participate in lotteries.  

Beachy Cove’s Kids Eat Smart Breakfast Club
Please look for our breakfast club’s Facebook page and give it a “like” so that you can stay informed about happenings with the breakfast club including menu updates and program offerings.

Our club’s coordinator, Cheri Butler, would love to have you as a volunteer with the breakfast program that will run for three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) this year.  If you have some time to spare for one of the many roles associated with this program, please send an e-mail to Cheri.

Late Learners
While we strongly encourage everyone to be in their classrooms ready and organized for learning by 8:30am (the start of our instructional day), we understand that life happens and we are sometimes late.  If your child arrives late at school, we need you to visit  the office and sign them in BEFORE they proceed to their classroom.  Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to this expectation.

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